Corporate Relocation

What Do Other Companies Offer:

Corporate relocation is much too different from regular residential relocation. Transferring an entire office from one place to another is a daunting prospect. As a manager, you never know if your employer’s stuff will reach the destination within the given timeframe, without any possible damage. Let us first take a look at the differences between office movers and residential ones.

  • With office relocation, you need to take greater care about the goods. The prime reason for the same is the immensity of delicate instruments that are involved. There are hundreds of computers to be shifted without damaging them. The number of other fragile stuff are quite a lot which include the various wall clocks, the frail examination equipment, and the antique appliances.
  • As opposed to residential shipments, you simply cannot dream to follow each and every one of your relocation charges. You are bound to an electronic tracking mechanism that will help you to keep in touch with the numerous drivers carrying your stuff.
  • Due to the innumerable goods that need to be transferred, almost all the clients ask for portability. Though your company may be amassing huge profits, you simply cannot deign to spend more than necessary on the moving process. The price of relocation increases with the increase in the number of trucks involved. Organization is critical in such cases.
  • Most of the corporate relocation services don’t make full use of the technology at hand. They do not realize that the manager’s time is as important as theirs. They tend to go on with their process as comfortably as possible, without heeding the needs of the customer.


What Differs Us from the Rest:

Our policies differ greatly from the other logistic companies in the market. You would be hard put to find a better moving firm that complements our goals. This is what makes us different from the rest.

  • We are absolute experts at moving office supplies and even entire corporate centers for that matter. Our prowess lies in our supreme management skills and an insane amount of experience in the field.
  • We are as professional and polite as the employees in your firm. The people who work under us are well educated and know their work inside out. They know all the phases of the work, so they can take over any other phase if the person handling it is unavailable for some reason.
  • We always ensure that each of the products that are loaded onto the truck are greatly taken care of. We boast of the most efficient drivers that have profound knowledge of all the routes leading out of the city. Needless to say, they know about the roads within Downey as well. To add to the natural knowledge of the drivers, we have also equipped every truck with the latest GPS that technology has to offer. Thus, they can determine the low traffic routes beforehand, and avoid them to reach your new location within the shortest possible time.
  • Have you ever thought of following the pickup truck as soon as it leaves the premises with your valuable goods? You don’t need to do that anymore. Each of our trucks is fitted with the most sophisticated tracking devices that will relay its location onto your phone at all times. You will exclusively be provided with the phone number of the drivers, thus ensuring that they do not go astray.
  • Our trucks are portable enough to look pretty small to the average eye, but can carry huge amounts of goods without lowering the air space of the tires. They have been designed in such a way as to maneuver through the densest of traffics without the need to back off. The drivers and the assistants always keep an eye on your goods, never letting them fall off.
  • All our employees are given sufficient training to ensure their trustworthiness while handling your computers and other fragile stuff. Did you know that our ratio of the time required to reach a certain location to the safety of the goods is the maximum so far? You only need to let us know the number of office furniture that needs to be transported. We will arrange the packing and the labor required, along with the commute.
  • We will wrap your books and other combustible instruments in a separate carton which is smaller than the rest, but equally effective. We use corrugated cartons with additional padding inside to ensure the protection of your IT equipment.
  • All our technological instruments are up to date. The GPS system always displays the least possible trafficked areas. You will be notified about the route of all the trucks, even they change it in a second or two. We always check the air in each of the tires, the possible diversions, and the average time required to reach the destination. Broken down trucks, you will never find those with our company!