Long Distance Movers

The Problems:

Long distance moving is nothing like local moving. There are several factors that you need to take into account before making a decision. The problems that may hinder long distance moving are aplenty. Let us take a look at those before we move on to tackling them.

  • Most long distance movers don’t have a plan in place. Half of them don’t possess the required technology to plan anything in the first place.
  • Long distance moving is expensive. The diesel required for the purpose is very high, and so are the transportation costs.
  • Most movers don’t give you a guarantee that your goods will reach the destination in one piece.
  • The counting woes you may experience are aplenty. You never know when your smallest of utensils may disappear.
  • The larger the compartment of the truck, the more are the chances of your stuff getting demolished.
  • Lack of customer knowledge may lead to many problems. For instance, if the logistics company doesn’t provide you with the route that it is going to take, you would probably spend most of the time searching for the truck than following it.
  • Most of the logistics companies don’t set realistic goals. For instance, they would state that you can stack liquids and delicate ornaments into the truck, but by the end of the journey, you will find these things crashed and smashed into pieces.


The Solutions:

Though the problems regarding long distance moving are numerous, Downey movers has realistic solutions to each of those. Read on to know more.

  • We plan each of our moving processes carefully. Our specialist analyzers evaluate all the possible routes that point toward the destination. With the help of the available technology, they ensure that the road chosen is free from traffic and has the minimum possible bumps and cracks.
  • You cannot find a more cost effective moving company in the city. Our rates for long distance travel are sometimes even lesser than local logistics, depending upon the distance covered.
  • All our drivers are briefed well about the roads on which they would travel. Our specialist analyzers are aware about all the bumps and potholes over every road that leads to your destination. You can rest assured that your goods will reach your new house in perfect condition.
  • We count each and every one of your stuff while hauling it into our truck. We keep a written record of all the things that come our way. You will find that even the smallest of apparels have reached your new house without a single scratch on it.
  • The compartments of all our trucks are have been carefully designed to provide the most efficient service. You can place most of your furniture in the compartments without worrying about them getting broken.
  • Transparency forms the crux of our working culture. We don’t hide anything from our customers. Right from the taxes levied on the transportation process down to the route that the drivers would take, we display everything under our command to the customers. If, in case of sudden high traffic, the driver need to divert their route, you will be immediately informed of the same. You will be provided with the driver’s mobile phone number. Thus, you can always call up at his/her cellphone if you lose track of the vehicle.
  • You would be informed about all our goals before we leave for the destination. Apart from the route that we would take, you will be notified of the tentative time that it would take us to reach the target. The average speed that we maintain is below 50 miles per hour, but we may increase it when the need arises, without letting it affect the goods. Each of our drivers are trained to heed even the smallest of fissures on the road, thus ensuring that all the stuff inside the truck is safe from any harm.