The primary quality of any moving company is efficient communication. The more you communicate with the customers, the better will your prospects of gaining their confidence be. Downey Movers don’t believe in this structured ideology. We serve and communicate with our customers just so that we could service them better. Our reputation reflects the work ethics that we have founded for ourselves. We are flexible with our schedule and always ensure that your demands are met within the given deadline.


Local Movers:

Did you know what folks look for in a local mover? All they want is that the driver knows how to get to the address mentioned without damaging the goods. Any local mover will promise you that, but when it comes down to the execution, they are bound to falter and will relay you with so many excuses that you will find it hard to believe the truth if it is ever said. You can never get back your rare piece of crockery after all.

The thing is, other moving firms dabble in various different sectors of logistics. We, at Downey Movers, specialize in providing excellent local moving services. We guarantee that all your important but fragile stuff will reach the destination without a single scratch on it. Additionally, we know even the smallest of routes and diversions that allow us to get your goods into your new house within the shortest possible time. We understand the risks associated with our line of work, and we try to minimize those as much as we can.


What Makes Downey Movers Stand Out?:

We are one of those few movers who literally prioritize the goods over other things. Our strong ideals make us what we are today. Downey Movers are unique in several ways. Here are a few reasons that make us different from the regular lot.

  • Unlike other movers who simply show you what’s on offer, we will personally visit your house to gauge the amount of resources that will need to be spent while moving. That way, it will be easier for us to make a proper quote, benefitting you as well.
  • We employ only those drivers that have profound knowledge about the roads in Downey.
  • After employments, we don’t leave them at that. We provide sufficient training to each and every one of those in order to ensure that they know every pothole and crack upon all the roads in the city.
  • Though we have installed GPS system on all our lorries, the drivers hardly need to refer to those. They can easily maneuver through the hardiest of traffics, thus ensuring that your goods are delivered within the shortest time without breaking a single piece of furniture.
  • Our well-concocted ethics prevent us from deviating from the work at hand.
  • Though we get several orders during the course of a day, we spend all our energy on accomplishing the task we have taken up, without letting it affect all other shipments.