Moving Supplies

No moving company is complete without the offerings of exclusive moving supplies. You may have several packaging and wrapping boxes and papers, but you can never have enough of those, unless of course you run a moving company! Here’s what we offer to our customers.

  • Bubble Wraps: Bubble wraps cushion the heaviest of appliances, and even the most fragile of those. Our wraps consist of an inbuilt barrier layer that will doubly cushion your stuff against the nastiest of bumps. All your valuables will remain intact after wrapping them up in our bubbles. Unlike regular wraps, our offerings ensure that your belongings are specially protected from the nastiest of heights. Not a single bubble will explode during our relocation process.
  • Brown Boxes: Our brown boxes can occupy anything, ranging from the smallest of knives to the biggest of television sets. We have boxes as small as 2 inches in width, to as big as more than 4 inches. The surface width is appropriately cushioned in each of the boxes, ensuring that all the products placed in them have enough space to move around without smashing against each other.
  • Packing Cartons: For all other products that require absolute efficiency in packing, we provide packing cartons. It is quite possible that you have a heavy duty gymnasium machine that may not fit inside a brown box. You can obviously place it open inside the truck, but the chances of it getting broken are more than if you would place it inside a large carton. Our packing cartons can carry very huge loads and they can sustain the most damaging bumps on the road. Thus, you can be assured that your valuable gym equipment will reach your new house as safely as it ever could.
  • Cords and Plasters: You don’t need to fish your basement for ropes and adhesives to bind your packaging boxes. We will provide you with the best of the best. In fact, we will get your boxes and cartons strapped and tied up for you. All our ropes are of supreme quality, and our straps and plasters don’t come off as easily as you would think. No need to worry though! We will help you unpack the goods after reaching your new house. Our cords will ensure that the appliances packed inside the carton or container don’t fall off. Our helper will obviously be present to personally take care of your goods. But it doesn’t hurt to add extra protection to your belongings.

There are many more packaging supplies that we offer to our customers, but these four form the basic needs that can be provided at the least possible price. Under certain special circumstances, we won’t mind waiving off the charges entirely.