Packing and Wrapping

The wraps don’t always involve the aluminum ones. There are various different types of the same as well. You will be astounded to find the variety in those, and the features that each one offers.

  • Heat Wraps: These polyolefin papers will protect your stuff from excessive heat. You can cover all your heat sensitive appliances with these wraps. PVC wraps will also bring about a good degree of protection. They may either come in shop bags, centerfold rolls, or tubes.
  • Heat Films: These are quite similar to wraps in their features. They also come in polyolefin and PVC materials. The only difference between a film and a wrap is that you don’t need to bind the film around the boxes in order to gain its protection.
  • Wrap Machines: We don’t simply wrap your stuff with our bare hands. Though hands may be trustworthy, they are certainly not efficient. We use wrap machines to get your important goods wrapped properly in no time. Our basic wrap systems provide a very high output. We even have sophisticated sealers and combo units.

Our employees are well trained when it comes to packing stuff. We provide boxes of various shapes and sizes, thus fitting even the smallest of show pieces without leaving any room for breakage. The overly fragile and easily breakable stuff like glass utensils, plates, antiques etc. are wrapped and placed in a separately sealed thick box. Thus, if in case the box falls off during the journey, the commodities inside will remain intact.

Additionally, we not only help you with packaging, but also with unpacking the boxes after unloading them at your new house. We understand that the unpacking can get too cumbersome, probably more than even the long, hard commute. Also, there is risk of breaking something while unpacking and unsealing the goods. Our employees who have wrapped the stuff in the first place would know which boxes carry the delicate commodities, and will unpack those with extreme care.