Special Items

Special Care:

We take exclusively good care of all the special items listed in our log books. Yes, you can choose which items among your goods are overly special to you, those which need to be taken really good care of. It is not like we completely ignore all the other equipment among your baggage. We take equally good care of all the stuff, but it’s just that we take far better care of your special items. Here’s what we offer.

  • You can pick and choose a limited number of items among your stuff that you consider overly fragile and excessively special.
  • Computers and other hardware are given better protection with the help of additional padding.
  • We will pack your canned foods in a separate box, keeping them upright at all times.
  • We will help you remove the pendulum of the grandfather clock before hauling it onto the truck, thus ensuring that it remains in perfect condition throughout the journey.
  • You need to notify us if you are moving firearms. We will check the serial number of each and ensure that all the guns are unloaded, with the ammunition packed in a separate compartment.
  • We will provide a separate wrapping paper for packing paintings. Never wrap those in your local newspaper; the ink might get smudged all over it.
  • We will load those items onto a different truck that comes equipped with a better suspension.
  • The superior tire suspension allows the driver to race through the most uneven tracks without affecting the goods in the hold. You don’t need to worry, however. None of our drivers are going to literally race anyone. In fact, they will take far better care of your special goods, guaranteeing that they reach the destination in flawless condition.
  • All the drivers at your disposal are excellent, but we reserve the specifically trained drivers for the vehicle that carries the special goods.
  • Our packaging conditions for special goods differs drastically from the normal ones. We will provide you with better coverings and stronger ropes. In fact, we will pack your special stuff personally, thus ensuring that not even a single flaw exists that may break the appliances over an uncalled for bump in the road.