Why Us

Let Downey Movers Get the Hard Work Done!

Do you know what the hardest part of moving in to a new home is? Moving of course! You can get all your stuff packed and wrapped within a day or two. Take another day for double checking your things. But you can’t simply hire a local pickup for the purpose of transportation. That is because transportation is the most difficult part of your moving process. What if your favorite piece of canvas shatters into pieces over a small speed breaker? What if your delicate crockery gets smashed over a teensy bump in the road?

Even if you sue the poor truck driver, you aren’t going to get the broken grandfather clock that you actually inherited from your grandfather back. The inherent reason why your stuff would get broken in the first place is the limitation of the driver’s knowledge about the roads of Downey. Part of the reason could also be due to the driver’s recklessness. You never know how roughly the driver maneuvers the vehicle, placing your goods at a great risk.

On the other hand, all the drivers at Downey Movers are trained well to handle even the most fragile instruments with great care. They know about every speed bump, crack, and pothole present on all the roads within the county. Our selection process analyzes the level of care that the candidate puts into the belongings at the back of the truck, while keeping his/her eyes on the road at all times. They are absolute masters at maneuvering the vehicle through traffic, thus ensuring that your goods are delivered at the assigned location within the shortest possible time, without compromising on the level of delicacy demanded by the work.


Why Choose Us?

There is a simple answer to this absurdly simple question – we are the best of the best! You can scour the remotest parts of Downey to find movers that offer such exceptional services at such affordable rates, but you won’t be able to find a single one. Here are a few reasons why,

  • Our drivers know every nook and corner of the county, right from the most sparsely populated roads down to the smallest of crevices on the most uneven tracks.
  • We guarantee that your belongings will reach the destination within the shortest possible time, and in perfect condition.
  • We are known among social circles to heed the most stringent deadlines with panache.
  • Our principles allow the drivers to take great care of your goods while simultaneously considering the time frame.
  • All your belongings will be our responsibility once they are loaded on to the vehicle. And you can be rest assured that they will reach the destination without a single scratch on them.


We believe in forging strong relationships with the people we conduct business. Our ethics are robust yet flexible enough to satisfy all your requirements. Disappointment among customers is not our thing. We strive really hard to ensure that each of our clients are thoroughly impressed with our work. That being said, we go out of our way to make the moving process as easy as it could get.